We recognize that taking on a design and construction project can be daunting.  For this reason, we see our primary purpose as project partners who can guide you through this complex but rewarding process.  We will craft a design that is both inspiring and functional, help you establish and adhere to a budget and schedule, assist you in making informed design decisions, make sure that you understand project costs and risks, and guide you in selecting the right builder.  Our objective is pretty simple – to create a successful project through a process that we all enjoy.


We formed BellCraft Architects to practice architecture as a craft.  Design, done in this way, can and should create a better, more inspiring, and personally meaningful built-environment.  Our craft focuses on creating a distinct sense of “place”, that is unique to its time, location and people.  We create this sense of place through:  site-responsive design – understanding light, views, and connections to other natural and built elements; functional restraint – more is not always better and no two people experience a space in the same way; contextual analysis – understanding what is around us and what architectural or stylistic languages exist; a richness of materials and details – utilizing materials with a sense of purpose and in a way that celebrates their unique characteristics.


How do we turn our purpose and our passion into a successful project?  We are active listeners and thoughtful communicators who come with questions and ideas, not preconceptions or design ultimatums.  We work as collaborative partners who recognize that great design ideas can come from anyone or anywhere.  Design is an inherently iterative process, one where ideas are explored and each step informs subsequent steps.  If, at the end of the process, we arrive exactly where any of us thought we would, we have not realized the project’s full potential.


Brian Palmberg

Principal + Architect
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Chris Johnston

Principal + Architect
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