Bungalow Backside

Greenlake Craftsman

Seattle’s classic, Craftsman bungalows, with covered porches, deep roof overhangs, and simple wood detailing, became popular in the early 1900’s and remain so today.  Much has changed over the last century however, and these modestly sized older homes often require significant upgrades to make them compatible with the demands of modern life. Such was the case with this Greenlake bungalow.

This growing family wanted to add valuable space to their home and create a “grown up sanctuary" for moments of repose within their daily lives.  A gracious new master bedroom and sitting area, a comfortable, light-filled master bathroom, and an outdoor balcony overlooking a private backyard provide this sense of sanctuary.  The additional space compliments the existing craftsman character, while utilizing contemporary materials and finishes.

Photos by Cindy Apple Photography